Dancers tap into their past at Norwich reunion

Former members of the popular Norwich dance troupe Vicky's Juveniles gathered for a reunion. Derek James reports.

The dance routines may be a distant memory but the friendships forged all those years ago are as strong as ever.

Back in the 1950s they were tap-dancing stars making a name for themselves in Norwich and across Norfolk.

And the people loved them.

One week they could be sharing the stage with a household name at the Theatre Royal or the dear old Hippodrome in St Giles, performing in front of hundreds of people – the following week entertaining a handful of old folk at a community hall.

While boys went off to join the cub/scouts or the boys brigade, the girls queued up to become a member of the famous dance troupes run by the likes of Madam Osina or Beryl Vickers and then Brenda Fairweather (Burdett).

The other day former members of Vicky's Juveniles, along with Beryl Vickers, gathered for a reunion at the Holiday Inn near Norwich Airport.

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'We had a really good time and it was lovely to see so many people again,' said Brenda, a member of Vicky's Juveniles who went on to run her own dance troupe Norwich Juveniles.

Remember, back in those days there was no television and these girls were as proud as punch to be part of a popular dance troupe.

They were local stars.

Mind you, it was poor old mum who had to spend hours and hours making those colourful costumes.

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