Dad’s Army van funding appeal

A museum is appealing for help to buy what it hopes will be the latest addition to its popular collection.

The Dad's Army Museum in Thetford wants to buy the butch-er's van used by Lance Corporal Jack Jones in the 1970s show.

The 1935 Ford Box van, which will be auctioned by Bonhams in December, is estimated at �20,000 to �30,000 but the museum doubts it can raise the money in time and is looking for a 'generous benefactor'.

Museum manager Corinne Fulford said: 'We don't like to take liberties and these are difficult times and we've got a proven track record of raising large amounts of money in a short amount of time but from September to December, even for us, it would be too much to ask. What we're asking for is one, or more than one, generous benefactor to stand as good for the money so we can purchase it in December and then we'd fundraise to pay it back.'

Ms Fulford said the van's future use had not been settled on yet, but added: 'It would depend who would get involved in the project but we would see it as being a key part of the collection and its home is here in Walmington-on-Sea – there's no question of that.'

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The van, which made an appearance at this year's Thetford Festival, is owned by the Patrick Motor Museum in Birmingham, where it had resided since 1992 since being picked up at auction for �11,200 after being sold by the BBC. December's auction will mark the third instalment of the Patrick Collection at Bonhams and feature 19 cars.

Group motoring director at Bonhams, James Knight, said the Jones van was likely to generate a significant amount of interest.

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'As a van it's probably worth about �10,000 to �15,000 but we feel the Dad's Army provenance kind of doubles its value and we do feel that everyone has such wonderful affection for the programme and even the repeats are getting good figures,' he added.

To contact the museum, call Ms Fulford on 07802 701911, or email

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