Cuts protests held in Norwich

A crowd of protesters gathered outside Topshop in Norwich city centre on today to campaign against what they claim are 'unnecessary and unfair' government cuts.

The protest was part of a nationwide event called by the Trades Union Congress, who asked groups throughout the UK to stage their own protests and rallies to express these claims.

Trevor Phillips, a spokesman for Norfolk Coalition Against the Cuts Group who organised events across the county, was at the protest and said: '[This] has been chosen as a day to focus on the way in which many big business and super rich individuals avoid paying taxes to the UK treasury. The taxes are important of course because they pay for services we need. If these taxes were collected properly there would be no need for the cuts Norfolk County Council is planning.'

Around 30 people turned out in Norwich to demonstrate, hand out leaflets and listen to key speakers from local communities groups, including Councillor Andrew Boswell from the Green party.

Alison Birmingham, steward for UNISON Norfolk County branch, said: 'It's important to send a message to the great and the good that we are not going to take their proposed cuts and that there is resistance to them and we believe there are other ways for them to make cuts.

'We will get our message across and hopefully lots of support.'

Stan Grand, a member of Norfolk Community Action Group, said: 'We we're told there is no alternative to these cuts, but there is an alternative and that is businesses pay all their taxes like we all have to.'

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The cuts to Norfolk services include help for elderly, disabled, youth services and many other targeted for cut backs.

Other protests took place in King's Lynn, Cromer and Dereham.

Further demonstrations and protests are planned, with a 'Valentine's Day Massacre of Public Services' protest at County Hall in Norwich on Monday, February 14 from 8.45am and the TUC National Demonstration in London on Saturday, March 26.