‘The shelves are usually empty’ - Customer slams Morrisons for shortages

Morrisons Riverside meat section Credit: Steven Doggett

Morrisons Riverside meat section Credit: Steven Doggett - Credit: Archant

A customer has criticised the Norwich Riverside Morrisons for low stock levels and short use by dates on products.

Steven Doggett visited the popular city branch on Saturday night at 5.30pm and photographed sparse shelves in the meat and bread sections.

He again visited on Monday evening and took a picture of the toilets with toilet roll and a catheter on the floor.

But the supermarket has claimed it was due to the store being 'busier than normal' on Saturday and Monday which resulted in low stock later in the day.

Steven tweeted his photos to the store and wrote: 'An average shop in the Riverside Morrisons with no meat and bread on the shelves and I'm not sure what is in the toilets!'

Morrisons Riverside bread section Credit: Steven Doggett

Morrisons Riverside bread section Credit: Steven Doggett - Credit: Archant

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But Mr Doggett, a 21-year-old who lives in the city, claims this isn't a one off and is part of a wider problem at the branch.

Speaking to this paper, he said: 'The shelves are usually empty with minimal products, if they're not empty there are people moving masses of stock during periods with fair few people in the shops and you'd have to go down different aisles because you can't get through.

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'Meat and bread are the main things that are unavailable and when they are you have to use them 1-2 days before the use by date because they often go mouldy before hand.

READ MORE: Norwich actor to star in new BBC counter-terrorism thriler'Unfortunately because I don't drive I have to shop in Morrisons but if I had the choice within a heartbeat I would shop somewhere else.

Toilets at Morrisons Riverside Credit: Steven Doggett

Toilets at Morrisons Riverside Credit: Steven Doggett - Credit: Archant

'What I saw in the toilets was disgusting, first of all there was toilet paper across the floor with none in the dispenser and a long open piece of used equipment.

'I'm not sure what it is. It looks like a catheter or something but if that is a used catheter that's absolutely vile!'

'People have had so many problems with this Morrisons.'

A spokesman for Morrisons said: 'The store had a busier than normal Saturday that resulted in some bread and meat lines selling out.

'We apologise to any customers find couldn't get what they wanted.

'The toilets are inspected regularly and we do our best to make sure they are perfect and are looking into this incident.'

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