Yobs pictured climbing on vandalised charity dinosaur

Three men climbing and swinging on dinosaur sculpture

Picture showing three men climbing and swinging on dinosaur sculpture that has had to be removed due to damage - Credit: Facebook

Police are investigating after a picture emerged showing three men climbing on a dinosaur sculpture that has had to be removed from a Norwich charity trail due to damage. 

The image, which captures two men astride the T.rex while a third swings from its head, was posted on social media the night the sculpture was significantly damaged.

Damage T.rex sculpture

Damage to the T.rex sculpture in Tombland - Credit: GoGoDiscover/Break

Organisers of the GoGoDiscover trail in aid of East Anglian charity Break said the damage appears to have been deliberate and left with a kebab stuffed in its mouth

The pirate-themed T.rex, named DinAshore, one of 55 across the city, was temporarily removed from its plinth to be repaired but has since been restored and returned.

Empty DinAshore sculpture plinth

The DinAshore sculpture has been removed to be repaired disappointing those following the trail - Credit: GoGoDiscover/Break

Break said the image and CCTV footage showing what appears to be the damage being caused have now been passed to police. 

A Norfolk police spokesperson said: “Officers are investigating an incident of criminal damage in Tombland, Norwich, which occurred between 11pm on Friday 1 July 2022 and 7am on Saturday 2 July 2022. Enquiries are currently ongoing.”