Yobs damage 40 cars in six Norwich streets

The actions of yobs who damaged up to 40 cars close to the city's Golden Triangle area as part of a spree of vandalism have been branded 'mindless' by victims.

Police in Norwich are currently investigating a series of criminal damage attacks on cars in Essex Street and surrounding areas.

In all it is believed about 40 vehicles were targeted in the attacks which happened in Essex Street, Lincoln Street, Newmarket Street, Gloucester Street, Goldsmith Street and Glebe Road.

A spokesman for Norfolk police said: 'Many vehicles were damaged by being scratched with an unknown implement causing damage to paintwork.

'Police have increased patrols in the area and residents are advised to take all possible precautions to prevent damage to their vehicles, such as folding in wing mirrors and parking in well-lit areas.'

Sarah Fleet, 50, who lives in Glebe Road and believes her car was damaged in the attack, which happened overnight on Saturday, April 16, said: 'It's just mindless, isn't it?

'Kids with nothing to do – that's because there's nothing to do. There's not a community centre – they need somewhere to be as they've got nothing else to do apart from wandering around being stupid.'

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Andy Walter, 42, from Lincoln Street, said his car was not targeted in the attack, although he was visited by police as part of their door-to-door inquiries. He said: 'It's just mindless vandalism and it's the cost which has got to be quite expensive for people to get resprayed. Most people won't claim on their insurance.'

Mr Walter, who works for social services, said with cars parked so closely together at the side of the road, the culprits could easily damage up to half-a-dozen at any one time.

Yaisa Nobbs, 23, a health-care assistant from Essex Street, said her boyfriend's car had been targeted by yobs in the past, although not as part of the most recent spate of vandalism.

She said: 'What can you say, they are scum. How would they like it if we went to their homes and did things like that? How can they do that for fun? It's ridiculous.'

The attacks in Essex Street and the surrounding areas comes less than six months after about 10 vehicles were damaged in a vandalism spree in the Mill Hill Road area of the city.

Anyone with information in relation to the latest incidents should contact police on 0845 456 4567 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.