Woman from West Earlham in Norwich failed to report accident and drove off after her car rolled 15m down a hill into a parked vehicle

A Norwich woman failed to report an accident to police and drove off, after her car rolled about 15m down a hill and collided with a parked vehicle, a court heard.

Tanya Todd, 34, failed to put the handbrake on when she left her Ford Fiesta outside the West Earlham Mini Market in Wilberforce Road.

The car rolled down the hill and collided with a parked Ford Focus, which was unoccupied at the time, and suffered damage to its wing mirror.

Todd, from nearby St Mildreds Road, then drove off without trying to find out the owner of the damaged car or reporting the accident to police.

At Norwich Magistrates' Court today, Todd pleaded guilty to quitting a motor vehicle when the handbrake was not set, failing to stop after an accident and failing to report that accident to police.

Prosecuting, Fiona Smith said the accident happened at about 8.50am on March 7.

She said: 'Todd had turned off the engine but did not set the handbrake. It rolled 15m down Wilberforce Road and collided with a silver Ford Focus parked outside one of the properties.

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'Todd came out of the shop, realised what had happened, ran to the car, saw it was not damaged and drove off immediately. She made no attempt to find out the owner of the damaged car.'

In interview, Todd admitted that she should have waited and reported the accident to police, and said she felt very bad about it, and admitted she would have been annoyed if her car had been damaged in such a way.

Miss Smith added: 'There was a witness to the collision who saw Todd run out of the shop and then drive off. The owner of the damaged car was told what happened by a neighbour, and found the driver's side wing mirror broken and hanging off the car. She phoned the police.'

Todd, who represented herself in court, said: 'I originally had thought somebody had nicked my car. When I did not hear back I thought stupidly that I had got away with it. I saw the woman whose car was damaged a week later and I apologised to her. She said that the damage had been covered by her insurance.'

Magistrates fined Todd �75 plus a �15 victim surcharge and ordered her to pay �40 costs. Her licence was also endorsed with five points.