Walkers baffled as washing machine ditched in the middle of field

A washing machine has been dumped next to the NDR in Horsham St Faith 

A washing machine has been dumped next to the NDR in Horsham St Faith - Credit: Oliver Mellors

A washing machine has been dumped far from the beaten track just outside the city with walkers saying it looks as though it has "fallen from the sky".

The white good was abandoned at the end of Bullock Hill - just off the Norwich Northern Distributor Road - in Horsham St Faith. 

Oliver Mellors, 55, who lives in Sprowston, often walks to Horsham St Faith and was baffled to see the machine as though it had "fallen from the sky".

He said: "To dump a washing at that spot would have taken some effort as it’s past a gate and not suitable for a car.

"The access road is a dead end so I cannot fathom the effort to go further to dump it there." 

Liberal Democrat district councillor Susan Holland, who represents Horsham St Faith, said she would be enquiring about the fly-tipping. 

Sue Holland

Sue Holland, new leader of the Liberal Democrat group at Broadland District Council. - Credit: Sue Holland

It is located in an area for water surface runoff from the NDR.

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Mr Mellors added: "I'm not sure how it will be removed. It would require a winch and a 4x4 vehicle." 

Jim Grave, clerk for Horsham and Newton St Faiths Parish Council, said: "The parish council had not been contacted on this particular tip.

"Any fly-tipping on the roadside which are reported to me are immediately reported to Broadland District Council who are usually very prompt in clearing them.

"Fly-tips on land adjacent to the highway are the responsibility of the landowner to clear. Horsham St Faith fortunately does not have many instances of fly-tipping." 

The Norwich North Recycling Centre is located nearby in Morse Road in Horsham St Faith. 

The new Norwich North Recycling Centre opens

The Norwich North Recycling Centre - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The county council website states the centre does not accept fly-tipped items at this centre.

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence which can result in a fixed penalty notice or prosecution in the magistrates or crown court.

Clearing up waste and litter is a cost to taxpayers.

Broadland District Council's website states: "Fly-tipping and littering have a negative impact on the environment and human health." 

To report fly-tipping on district council owned land within Broadland, fill in an online form on the council's website.