Man sentenced for two robberies in two days

Harvey Sutton, 18, who is behind bars after admitting two robberies in Norwich.

Harvey Sutton, 18, who is behind bars after admitting two robberies in Norwich. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

A robber threatened to stab one of his victims in two Norwich robberies he carried out on consecutive days, a court has heard.

Harvey Sutton, 18, and another man were involved in two robberies in the city during which one of the victims was told he "would be dead" if he went to police.

Nicola May, prosecuting at Norwich Crown Court, said at about 7.30pm on August 12 last year the victim had been with a friend at a bus stop on Hall Road when they were approached by two men on a push bike, one of whom was sat on the handlebars.

One of the men on the bike asked the two for weed but the victim said he did not have any.

They went to ride away but as they did so saw a silver necklace the victim was wearing and made threats to "stab" him when he refused to give it up.

A silver necklace and ring were taken from the victim who was told he would be stabbed if he went to the police, adding he "would be dead if he did".

The victim felt "light headed and sick" after the robbery and genuinely believed that Sutton had a knife on him.

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The following day the court heard another victim, who was with friends in Chapelfield Gardens, was asked if he had any weed.

Sutton and the other man attempted to pull his airpods out of his ear before the victim fell to the ground when he was punched and kicked in the face and body.

One of the men put a foot on the victim's wrist in an effort to take the ring and the bracelet he was wearing.

He managed to keep hold of them but they got away with his airpods worth £120.

Sutton, of Draper Way, Norwich, appeared at court on Friday (January 14) having previously admitted two counts of robbery.

Sentencing Sutton to 40 months in a young offenders' institution (YOI) Judge Maureen Bacon said the victim of the first robbery was "still traumatised" by what happened even though no actual knife was produced.

Andrew Thompson, mitigating, said the primary mitigation was his "youth and immaturity".

He said he had a "poor" criminal record for his age and recognised he was facing a custodial sentence of some length.