Jury told man tried to suffocate woman during rape ordeal

Norwich Crown Court

Patrick Collins has gone on trial at Norwich Crown Court accused of raping and sexually assaulting a woman - Credit: Archant

A woman who was allegedly raped by a man nine times has described how he tried to suffocate her with cushions over her face as he attacked her.

Patrick Collins, 56, formerly of Canterbury Place, Norwich has gone on trial at the city's crown court accused of nine counts of rape and three counts of assault by penetration.

The offences are said to have been committed against the same woman between Friday, March 13, 2020 and Sunday, March 15, 2020.

Giving evidence on Tuesday (May 24), the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, described how Collins was "hurting" her as he attacked her while "holding her down".

She said he got her on a sofa and "piled up cushions over my head" which she said was "like suffocation".

The woman, who gave her evidence through a video-recorded interview given to police at the time of the incident, said: "I tried to punch him in the face two or three times but he parried me each time".

The complainant said he was "slapping and pulling" during the ordeal with him stating that he needed to "tie her up".

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She had already told police that Collins had earlier "pushed me down on the carpet " and was "all over me".

The woman said: "He had me on the carpet face down."

On another occasion she told how Collins had pushed her down on the stairs while telling her "you know you want it" and "I know you want it".

The complainant said she was "just laying there" as it happened.

She told police Collins was "slapping and pulling" during the ordeal with him stating that he needed to "tie her up".

She said the more she struggled the more she knew she was going to get hurt.

Later the complainant said Collins "got me near the sink" before he "pushed my face down on the draining board" and carried on with the sexual attack.

She also described how he got a vase and sexually assaulted her with it.

The woman said: "I didn't want this".

She has since had "flash backs" and "nightmares" about the attacks.

The jury of seven men and five women have been told by Stephen Spence, prosecuting, that both Collins and the complainant were "drinkers".

Collins, who is represented by Matthew McNiff, denies all 12 offences.

The trial continues.