Boat battle rages on with fears over sewage raised

Thorpe St Andrew's River Green and county councillor Ian Mackie pictured inset 

Thorpe St Andrew's River Green and county councillor Ian Mackie pictured inset - Credit: Archant

A battle over boats moored in a riverside beauty spot has now seen allegations of safety hazards raised. 

People living near the moorings in Thorpe St Andrew, as well as councillors for the area, believe sewage is not being disposed of correctly by some vessels moored there. 

It comes after questions were raised over a boat in River Green. 

The vessel, called Utopia, was labelled as an "eyesore" by some.

Councillors added that it had also been stationary for too long, though the Broads Authority which is responsible for breaches, said no violations had incurred.

There are now also concerns among the town council and local county councillors over other problems which are perceived to be caused by boats nearby.

A town council spokesman said: "Issues such as insufficient sewage disposal, storage of commercial waste, problematic emergency service access, and aesthetic impact on the conservation area are all matters which would be assessed as part of a planning decision for residential mooring.

"At present, the residential moorings on Thorpe Island have no planning permission and so we have advocated on behalf of locals who have raised this over a number of years."

Thorpe River Green. Photo: Nick Butcher

Thorpe River Green. Photo: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

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Such comments recently came to light as part of the council's Neighbourhood Plan consultation.

The spokesman added: "This is an ongoing issue but we are hopeful that issues such as sewage, the storage of commercial waste, and emergency access remain a priority to resolve – principally for the safety and security of those living on the island and river users."

County councillor for Thorpe St Andrew, Ian Mackie said: “Sewage disposal, waste management, river pollution as well as highways parking have caused considerable public concern for some time.

"Over the years I have engaged the Broads Authority and repeatedly requested they take enforcement action on residential moorings that do not have planning permission.

"The public and environmental health hazards for all river users has been my paramount concern. I am hoping that swift action by the planning authorities can be taken to address this risk.”

County councillor Ian Mackie

County councillor Ian Mackie - Credit: Contributed

The Broads Authority and the Environment Agency have been contacted for comment.