Thief steals gin - but gets a shock when he opens bottles

St Giles Pantry Norwich

This picture was captured at St Giles Pantry in Norwich of a man who walked into the store and allegedly stole two bottles from the window. Unluckily for the man, the bottles contained only water. - Credit: Supplied

A thief helped himself to two bottles of St Giles gin from a Norwich shop - but the owners had the last laugh.

St Giles Pantry Norwich

This man is seen taking two bottles of gin from a window display at St Giles Pantry. - Credit: Supplied

That is because the bottles, stolen from St Giles Pantry, Upper St Giles Street on Sunday afternoon, contained just stale water.

The bottles were display models in the window of the coffee shop - and contained no gin.

Alan Sabol owner of St Giles Pantry open seven days a week.

Alan Sabol owner of St Giles Pantry. He filled the display bottles with water - meaning the thief got away with nothing. - Credit: Denise Bradley

But the owner, Alan Sabol, who opened the shop, selling coffee and other local produce eight months ago, said he was still taking the incident seriously and had reported it to the police.

"I've had my window smashed once before so there was nothing in the bottles on display, just water, but it was still very upsetting, both for the supervisor and customers who were in the shop at the time.

"The man was brazen, he just walked into the shop and reached into the window, grabbed the bottles and ran off.

"It's the principle as we are an independent business and we've all been really struggling because of Covid so it's just not a nice thing to do."

St Giles Pantry Norwich

St Giles Pantry in Norwich - Credit: Archant

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The store managed to capture on camera two images of the man, who was dressed in a blue puffa jacket, camouflage-style trousers, a cap and mask.

The incident happened at 3.04pm on Sunday, June 27.

Norfolk Police said they were looking into the matter.

A spokeswoman said: "We received a call reporting that two display bottles of gin had been stolen from a shop in Upper St Giles, Norwich, at 3.04pm on Sunday, June 27.

"This remains under investigation."

If anyone has any information they should contact Norfolk Police.