Family's despair as TV and sound bar nabbed from city home

A police car in Norwich

A police car in Norwich - Credit: David Cross

Thieves helped themselves to a family's TV and sound bar after managing to get into their home over the weekend.

Police were alerted to reports of a theft at a home in Graham Square in the Heartsease area of the city on Sunday.

A 32-year-old woman and her four kids - who have asked not to be named - had been away for the weekend and returned to find their TV and a sound bar had been stolen from the living room.

A relative, who did not wish to be identified, said: "I lost my key to the house over a week ago at the front of the house so I fear someone may have found it and let themselves in when the house was empty.

"They took a Samsung TV that had been there for a couple of years. Police came on Monday and took all the fingerprints." 

The family reported the theft to police after they returned home around 2pm on Sunday.

There was no sign of forced entry at the property, the relative added.

Graham Square in Heartsease 

Graham Square in Heartsease - Credit: Ben Hardy

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Neville Smithurst, 78, who lives next door, said he has "never known of any crime taking place in the street during the 52 years he has lived there".

Mr Smithurst added: "If anyone goes away they usually knock on the door and say to keep an eye on things.

"I have never had any issues with anything."

A 87-year-old woman living opposite, who has been in Graham Square for nearly 50 years, added: "I saw the police come round on Sunday. 

"It is normally quite quiet around here so I am surprised really."

Norfolk Police and the ward councillors have been contacted for comment.

Jon Watson, lead co-ordinator of the Bowthorpe Neighbourhood Watch, said house thefts are extremely rare across the city.

Mr Watson said: "It's not something we hear very often to be honest. Police will often take swift action if it does crop up."

Jon Watson, lead co-ordinator of the Bowthorpe Neighbourhood Watch Team.

Jon Watson - Credit: Jon Watson