Teenager not guilty of speeding, because not wearing his Superman hoodie, Norwich court told

A teenager claimed in court he was not the driver caught speeding on camera two days in a row – because the man captured on film was not wearing his trademark Superman hoodie.

Jasey Swallow, 19, from Peterson Road, Mile Cross, told a court that he never went out of his house without wearing the hoodie, so the driver on camera could not be him.

Shown photographs of the car captured on camera he said it could have been a 'cloned' car, even though it was the same colour and make and had the same registration number as his car. The teenager, who recently changed his name by deed poll, even said the captured images showed that there were slight differences in the cars, such as the air freshener.

But magistrates did not accept his defence and found him guilty of speeding on consecutive days, fined him �200 plus a �15 victim surcharge and also ordered him to pay �100 costs. His licence was also endorsed six points.

Ben Brighouse, prosecuting, said Swallow was caught speeding in his car on April 21 last year on the A146 at Bixley, near Norwich, and on the A11 at Besthorpe, near Attleborough, the following day.

On April 21, he was driving at 79mph in a 60mph limit while the following day he was doing 84mph in a 70mph limit, he said.

Mr Brighouse said that Swallow had filled out the first notice of speeding form he was sent correctly, but sent the second notice back saying he was not the driver.

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Swallow, who was represented at the trial at Norwich Magistrates' Court yesterday by Gavin Cowe, denied that he was the driver of the car on either occasion.

Giving evidence, Swallow claimed that he had made a mistake filling out the forms because he was dyslexic and autistic, and could not read until he was 14.

Under cross-examination, Mr Brighouse suggested to him that he had filled out the first notice correctly, but panicked when he got the second notice, because he knew his licence – which already had three points on it – would be revoked because he would have too many points on it for someone who had been driving for less than two years. He asked him why he was not wearing his Superman hoodie in court, and Swallow replied that he had 'made an exception'.