Teenager burgles Hellesdon friend’s house and then caught by police with stolen items on his moped

A teenager burgled his friend's Hellesdon house but was then caught by police with the stolen items on his moped, a court was told.

Stuart Clarke, 19, found out that his friend, who lives in Low Road, was going away on holiday so be broke in and stole several items including two TVs, a computer monitor, and a wristwatch.

He piled them onto his moped and started driving home, but was spotted with the heavy load by police and arrested.

Clarke told police in interview that he took the items to sell on to pay for his driving lessons, which he needed to help him find him a job.

Clarke, from Swaffham Road, Wendling, near Dereham, pleaded guilty to entering a dwelling house with intent to steal, possession of cannabis on the same date, and failing to appear at court, when he appeared before Norwich magistrates yesterday .

Prosecuting, Ben Brighouse said Clarke had known his friend for about four years, before he burgled his house.

He said: 'The friend told him he was going away on holiday and then on April 6 Clarke went to his house and burgled it. He stole TVs, a wristwatch, a computer monitor and accessories.

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'Later that day the defendant was stopped on his moped on the A47 towards Dereham. He had a bag resting on the footboard of the moped containing the items.

'At that point he was arrested for handling, but his fingerprints were found on the window at his friend's house where he had gained entry.

'He admitted the theft in interview, and said he needed the money for driving lessons. Cannabis was also found in his possession on the bike.'

For Clarke, Rob New said he was a 'fairly simple, young man'.

He said: 'He did not think through the consequences of his actions and thought by having a driving licence it would improve his job prospects.

'The items he stole were all precariously balanced on the moped so he struck a pretty obvious figure to police. He had no idea to whom he was going to sell the items. The small amount of cannabis was for his own use.'

The case was adjourned for reports and magistrates said they were looking at sentencing Clarke to a period of unpaid work.