Stiletto heel used to attack woman on Prince of Wales Road

A young woman who attacked another woman in Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, with her stiletto shoe has been given a community order after pleading guilty.

Timaisha Abbott, of Hobart Lane, Norwich, hit Hannah Watson in the face with her shoe after an argument broke out opposite KFC in the early hours of Sunday, May 8.

Norwich Magistrates' Court heard that Hannah Watson was taken to accident and emergency after being hit in the face.

Magistrates were told yesterday that Miss Watson had been sitting with friends eating a takeaway on the benches at around 1.15am.

They had been out for a Saturday night and were waiting for friends to join them.

Abbott, 22, and a friend of hers joined them, but an argument broke out.

Prosecuting, Denis King explained that Abbott took off her shoe and hit Miss Watson in the mouth, forcing her heel to dig into her check.

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Miss Watson went to the SOS bus for treatment to her bleeding lip, but was then taken to accident and emergency as her brace had become stuck to her mouth.

Police officers were soon on the scene to split up the groups. When questioned later, Abbott said that she was drunk and could not remember much.

Mr King told the court that Abbott said in a statement: 'I remember being out at the benches; it all kicked off and this bloke really shouting at me for hitting his girlfriend.'

In an earlier hearing, magistrates had heard that when Abbott heard the police report, she said it 'makes sense that I did that'.

In May 2008, she had been given a suspended sentence for wounding.

In mitigation, Michael Cole said that Abbott had pleaded guilty at the earliest possible opportunity. He said that it was an impetuous attack that it was not pre-mediated, and described Prince of Wales Road as a 'volatile location at that time of night'.

He added that the injuries were relatively minor and Miss Watson was only taken to hospital because her braces became stuck to her gum.

The court also heard that Abbott acted as a carer for her mother, which did not make a curfew a viable option.

In a submission, the Norfolk and Suffolk Probation Trust suggested a community order, supervision, anger management and a medium alcohol specified activity requirement.

Calling it a 'nasty attack', the chair of the bench, Kathleen Przyborski, followed the recommendations of the probation service with an 18-month community order, an 18-month supervision order, aggression replacement training and a medium alcohol specified activity requirement. No costs were ordered, but Abbott was ordered to pay �200 compensation.

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