Speeding concerns raised as city road used as 'racetrack'

District and county councillor Shelagh Gurney next to the bus lane on A140 Cromer Road, Hellesdon

County councillor Shelagh Gurney standing in Cromer Road - Credit: Sophie Wyllie

Bikes and cars have been spotted zipping along a major route into the city, prompting councillors and the police alike to intervene.

Cromer Road in Hellesdon has a 30mph speed limit but people living nearby claim motorbikes and cars hurtle down the road as quick as 60mph at times.

Hellesdon county councillor Shelagh Gurney (Cons) has agreed to attend the site along with local beat officers to obtain some accurate speed data for the area. 

There are also frustrations over taxis using the new bus lane though they are not currently allowed to do so.

District councillor Sue Prutton (Cons), who lives in the nearby Waldemar Avenue, said: "Taxis drive along the bus lane and during the day there is not much of a clear road to get across to the Boundary. 

"Excessive speed is constantly brought up during the Safer Neighbourhood meetings with the police.

"When people see a bit of clear lane people do tend to put their foot down on a long straight road." 

Sue Prutton, Conservative district councillor for Hellesdon 

Sue Prutton, Conservative district councillor for Hellesdon - Credit: Submitted

Mrs Prutton, who has lived in Hellesdon since 1974, used to be in the community speed watch for the area but the group folded around three years ago because there were not enough members. 

She added: "They tended to be older people or there were members who passed away. Younger people do not seem to have the time to be able to do it." 

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The stretch of road becomes 40mph when travelling out of the city towards the NDR roundabout along Holt Road. 

An unnamed staff member at JJ's Barber Shop in Cromer Road said: "You do see bikes whipping up and down but it is not something I tend to worry about so much as I am only here a couple of days a week. 

"The new bus lane has been an issue as it makes the road narrower for traffic." 

The end of the bus lane on A140 Cromer Road in Hellesdon

The end of the bus lane on A140 Cromer Road in Hellesdon - Credit: Sophie Wyllie

Writing on social media, a member of the Hellesdon community group said: "Cromer Road is back to being a racetrack. Some cars and bikes are unmistakably traveling in excess of the speed restriction."

Norfolk County Council was contacted for comment. 

The police's traffic justice team isn’t aware of any complaints for excess speed in the area.