'They can't get away with it': Petrol boss defiant after spate of crimes

Raj Uthayarajan at his Jet garage on Rose Lane, Norwich.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Raj Uthayarajan at his Jet garage on Rose Lane, Norwich.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

A city garage owner today told the thugs making his life hell: "You won't win."

Ramanathan Uthayarajan, of the Jet Garage in Rose Lane, is refusing to employ a security guard even though he has been plagued by violent incidents over the past few months. 

"They can't get away with this," he said. 

"Anyone thinking of causing trouble in this garage won't be able to escape.

"We have very clear modern CCTV cameras which is part of the security. We also have an electronic lock behind the counter for the door."

Mr Uthayarjan hailed the quick response of police after he used his panic button beneath the till during a recent incident to directly call them.

Ramanathan Uthayarajan, manager at Jet for the past 21 years

Ramanathan Uthayarajan, owner of Jet Garage in Rose Lane - Credit: Sarah Burgess

He added: "It is not nice to see people carrying knives. This is not only clubland. That is my concern. There are lots of people living around here now.

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"We have to work together with the public and retailers. These days people carry a lot of tech and devices so we need to make use of that to help make the community safer." 

The garage owner will not be ditching his 24-hour booze licence as a result of a recent spike in crime, which saw three incidents involving guns and knives at the site in September. 

Mr Uthayarjan said: "It's not 24 hours which is the problem. I have been here for nine years - and now these incidents are happening in broad daylight. I have seen guys fighting in the forecourt at 2.30pm. 

"I used to run this business without an off-licence and others came and took my business away. I have to pay my outgoings so I needed to apply for a 24-hour licence to keep the business going." 

A total of six staff work at the garage with two people always working together on Friday and Saturday nights to protect and help one another.