Poringland man’s flat could have been burgled because of its location

Police are investigating whether a Poringland man's flat was burgled by mistake because he lives above a hairdresser.

John Ward was away from his home in The Street for just one night and returned the next day to find his flat had been ransacked.

Cash and valuables had also been taken and Mr Ward is now scraping around to find enough money to pay his rent, to stop his landlord from evicting him.

The incident, which happened overnight on December 16, comes just days after police urged businesses to step up security after two burglaries at hairdressers in Norwich and Brooke.

A Norfolk police spokesman said: 'Due to the location of these premises and in light of recent burglaries at hairdressers in Norwich and south Norfolk, it is one of the lines of inquiry being pursued.'

Mr Ward, 45, a charity worker, said: 'They broke in the back door and probably thought they were breaking into a hairdresser, as my flat is just above Colin David.

'I was away at my partners for the day and my home was ransacked, with personal family effects strewn around the premises.

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'About �410 in cash was taken plus a large amount of sea fishing equipment, a laptop computer, a Marantz audio system, leather jacket, digi camera, wrist watch and a mobile phone.

'I am insured but that will take ages to process over Christmas and now to top it all I feel like a victim twice as my landlord has threatened me with eviction unless I can find my rent money, which was stolen in the burglary.'

Earlier this month, police reported that two hairdressers had been broken into.

The first occurred between 5.45pm on December 10 and 9.25am on December 11 at Stunners Unisex Hair Studio Unit on High Green, Brooke.

Cash along with various hairdressing equipment including scissors, tongs, hairdryers and GHD hair straighteners were taken.

The second incident happened between 6.30pm on December 14 and 7.20am on December 15 at Millennium Hairdressers on Plumstead Road, Norwich. Those responsible smashed a glass window and stole 12 black GHD hair straighteners.

Inspector Lisa Hooper from Heartsease and Thorpe Hamlet Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) said at the time that a man had suspiciously been phoning salons to ask about opening times and whether they stocked hair straighteners.

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