Jubilee sapling vanishes with neighbours fearing foul play

The Jubilee tree planted in Poringland went missing on Sunday 

The Jubilee tree planted in Poringland went missing on Sunday - Credit: Victoria Kirk

Mystery surrounds the disappearance of a tree planted especially for the Platinum Jubilee. 

Poringland Parish Council planted an oak tree sapling a week ago in Mulberry Green at the back of the community centre to mark the Queen's 70th year on the throne. 

But neighbours were alarmed to see the young tree had vanished when they walked past on the Sunday morning of the Jubilee weekend.

Victoria Kirk, 46, who lives nearby, said: "The parish council worked so hard to put on a wonderful programme of Jubilee celebrations.

"We think it’s such a shame if someone has taken the sapling." 

A new tree has since been planted by the parish council. 

A new sapling has been planted by Poringland Parish Council after the first one disappeared 

A new sapling has been planted by Poringland Parish Council after the first one disappeared - Credit: Victoria Kirk

CCTV footage will be reviewed by the authority but the disappearance has not been reported to the police as there is currently not enough evidence to indicate this was a crime. 

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Poringland Parish Council vice-chairman, Tim Boucher, said: "We are not sure whether it was nabbed or a rabbit ate it.

"We planted another sapling on Monday night with more protection around it.

"It is easy to assume it was people messing around but we do not know for sure. 

"We are giving it the benefit of doubt that it was taken by an animal.

"It is a locally grown oak tree from Poringland which was moved from another location."

Senior project surveyor Tim Boucher at Davis Langdon, Norwich.Photo: Andy DarnellCopy: Sam Willi

Poringland Parish Council vice-chairman Tim Boucher - Credit: Sam Williams

Whatever happened to the tree occurred quickly, as passers-by reported seeing it on Sunday morning only to return a few hours later to find it gone.

Among the theories put forward by neighbours were the wind blowing the small sapling away, vandalism, rabbits and deer. 

Mr Boucher said vandalism would be "out of character" for the village. 

He continued: "We have not had a history of issues. Just the usual moments of teens up to mischief in the village." 

The disappearance followed a day of music, fancy dress, Zumba, picnics, a fire engine visit and a Bake Off competition for the Jubilee celebrations in the village.

This event was put on by the parish council at the community centre and Mulberry Green.