Police warning after spate of break-ins in Bowthorpe, Norwich

A plea has today been issued for people living in Bowthorpe and surrounding areas, including Costessey, to be on their guard against thieves and burglars following a spate of car and house break-ins in the area.

Police are urging motorists in the area to make sure their cars are left locked and secure and that valuable property is removed from display after a series of break-ins since Friday, January 6.

Incidents have been reported in Bridge Farm Lane, Friends Road, George Borrow Road, Glebe Road and Harpsfield Road, Sukey Way, Tizzick Close and Winsford Way.

In most cases suspects have smashed windows to get into vehicles before stealing valuables from inside, while in a couple of cases crooks have stolen laptops which had been left on display on the passenger seat.

Police Community Support Officer Luke Soar said: 'It only takes opportunist thieves a few seconds to peer into a vehicle and be tempted to steal if expensive items are left on display, even a coat or jacket could attract them.

'Motorists are advised to keep valuables out of sight and ideally completely removed from the vehicle if possible.'

The vehicle has been issued just a couple of weeks after police vowed to step up patrols in the area following a spate of burglaries in Bowthorpe over the Christmas period.

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Thieves had targeted 10 addresses in the area in the two weeks since December 17 with burglaries reported in Tunstall Close, Donchurch Close, Norwich Road, Smeat Street, Reydon Close, Bishy Barnabee Way, Skoner Road, Walcott Close, Edrich Way and Harry Barber Close.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Firm, from Norwich CID, issued a personal plea for vigilance following the spate of crimes.

He said: 'Patrols by uniform and plain-clothes officers have been increased in the local area and I would encourage members of the public to call us if they see anyone acting suspiciously or have any information.'

Jo Storie, a Norwich City councillor for Bowthorpe, said it was important for people living in these areas to take heed of the warnings.

She said: 'Wherever people live they have got to follow police advice. It's certainly disappointing, I can't remember anything quite like this in the past but I expect the police will catch up with the culprits.'

Anyone with any information about any of the crimes in the Bowthorpe area should contact Norfolk police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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