Officers to up patrols in suburb after car smashing spree

Patrols set to increase after spate of vandalism in the area

More patrols are due to be sent out in Bowthorpe Road to try and crack down on the spate of vandalism in the area. - Credit: Archant

Police will up their presence in a Norwich suburb after yobs smashed more than 10 cars parked in a city street. 

A number of cars were damaged in Bowthorpe Road on January 22 with one mother-to-be looking to potentially leave the city because of it.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police said: "Police were called to reports of criminal damage to a car in Bowthorpe Road between 9.30pm on Friday January 21 and 8.30am on Saturday, January 22.

"All lines of enquiry have been exhausted and pending any further information the case has been closed."

Despite the case being closed, police are still determined to try and quash the recent spate of attacks in the Earlham area.

Inspector Adam Binns

Inspector Adam Binns said more patrols will happen in Earlham - Credit: Simon Parkin

Inspector Adam Binns said: “We are aware of some antisocial behaviour and this is being investigated.

"Officers in our safer neighbourhood team are also carrying out extra patrols in the area to try to identify those responsible and respond to any incidents as and when they happen.

“I know how frustrating this can be for those in the community and I’d encourage anybody who knows the people involved or has any information that would help our investigation to please share this with us so we can target resources appropriately.”

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Amy Gurner lives next to the community hospital in Bowthorpe Road and moved there last January.

She said: "I live on this road and am worried as my car has been keyed four times all down the sides - it's basically wrecked.

"This happened a few months after I moved here. Since I moved here last January this has happened a few months after. 

"We’ve put up a CCTV camera now and I think others should do the same if they can."

Car keyed in spate of vandalism in Bowthorpe road

Amy Gurner, who lives in Bowthorpe road, has also been a victim of vandalism. - Credit: Amy Gurner

After Amy noticed her car had been damaged, she had a walk along the road and found out it was not just her car that had been vandalised.

Amy added: "Our neighbours got keyed as well as my partner's car, which was keyed a few weeks after.

"It seems whoever it was would come back and add to it, as mine was keyed on three separate occasions."

Amy's partner's car also subject to vandalism

Amy's partner's car was also subject to vandalism, also having his car keyed. - Credit: Amy Gurner