Struggles to move out of Norfolk continue after school attack

William Anderson was attacked at Thorpe St Andrew School in November 

William Anderson was attacked at Thorpe St Andrew School in November - Credit: Contributed

A mother is still desperately trying to move her vulnerable family to a part of the country away from Norwich.

Rebecca Anderson, 41, was aghast to find out her 13-year-old son William, known as Billy, was left with a swollen face and bruising after being assaulted by pupils in the corridor at Thorpe St Andrew School in November.

Although the youngster has settled back into the school following the investigation, his concerned mum says the attack is still in the back of his mind.

Ms Anderson said: "He is still feeling a bit unsettled by what happened.

"The school has improved its anti-bullying policy quite a bit which has helped but it is in the back of his mind." 

William Anderson has recovered from his facial injuries 

William Anderson has recovered from his facial injuries - Credit: Contributed

A group of kids pelted the family's bungalow in Thorpe St Andrew with eggs a couple of days after the school assault. 

Both the school and police took action in response to the events which left the family shaken.

A spokeswoman for Norfolk Police said: "This matter was investigated by police and a number of children were spoken to.

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"No further action is being taken and the victim has been updated and is satisfied with the outcome." 

Ms Anderson said: "The police asked if I wanted to take it any further and I thought it was enough after they had words with those involved.

"Billy has gone back to school since a kid was expelled but we are still looking to move."

Ms Anderson is now trying to move to Surrey or Kent not just to move on from the school incident, but also to move closer to family so they can help her provide support for her 63-year-old partner who has dementia and Parkinson's.

Thorpe St Andrew School.

Thorpe St Andrew School - Credit: Archant

The family secured their bungalow in Thorpe through the council house exchange scheme.

But Ms Anderson is struggling to find a like-for-like bungalow suitable for her partner's needs.

It has also proved difficult for them to find a three-bedroom place to live as only two-bedroom bungalows are currently available in Surrey and Kent. 

Thorpe St Andrew School principal Penny Bignell said she has no further comments to make on the matter.