Police in Norfolk will clamp down on raves this weekend

Norfolk police have reassured the public that they will continue to maintain a zero tolerance approach to and clamp down on illegal raves - despite officers being engaged in supporting the national policing effort this weekend following the riots.

Members of the public are also being urged to play their part and support police action by remaining vigilant by reporting any suspicious activity which may lead them to believe a rave is being organised.

Suspicious activity may include trespassers on private land taking an interest in a potential rave site, a large gathering of vehicles in car parks, a moving convoy of vehicles on roads or invasions onto land by people with vans carrying sound equipment.

Norfolk's assistant chief constable Charlie Hall said: 'Despite the disorder elsewhere in the country that we have seen this week, I need to make it clear to anyone thinking of organising an unlicensed music event in Norfolk or Suffolk this weekend that our policy remains the same - we will disrupt and close down any illegal raves.

'The public have been very supportive of the police this week which the force is very grateful for and I'd ask for people to remain vigilant to any suspicious activity which may lead them to believe a rave is being organised.'

The same approach to illegal raves is being taken in Suffolk where the county's assistant chief constable, Paul Marshall said extra resources were available to prevent, disrupt or close down raves this weekend.

He added: 'These events are unsafe and disruptive to our local communities. Wherever possible we will seek to prosecute and secure convictions against those involved in this activity. Organisers need to understand that we will take swift and prompt action.'

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Police have been working closely with landowners, the Forestry Commission and Farmwatch to offer security advice and ensure they contact the police at the earliest opportunity with information. Landowners are also being reminded to ensure any entrances to their properties are secure and also to report any breaches suspected of being linked to a potential rave to police.

Any suspicious activity which may be connected to an illegal rave should be reported to police immediately, dialling 999 if necessary or 01473 613500.