Police called to Trowse noise complaints

Complaints were made to the police today as people in Thorpe Hamlet and Trowse were kept awake by loud music.

Calls were made from both north and south of the River Wensum in the early hours of Sunday morning and again shortly after 2pm, by people upset by the loud noise.

However, one of the problems was the difficulty in identifying where it was coming from, with the drum beats travelling on the wind and impacting upon people in Trowse, at Whitlingham Broad and Thorpe Hamlet.

Conrad Jones, of Ranson Road, Thorpe Hamlet, said he believed it was coming from an area near the Deal Ground site in Trowse, where there had been problems two years ago.

He said: 'There have been travellers on the site over the years and periodically they held raves. Two years ago there were two weeks of continuous raves.'

Mr Jones said he had suffered sleepless nights as a result and was worried the same would happen this Christmas with adults and children impacted.

He added: 'If it was a one-off we would probably put up with it, but this is a pattern.'

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The music could also be heard in Whitlingham and Ruby Whymark, from Whitlingham Lane, said she had heard it since 6pm on Saturday night.

Mrs Whymark said: 'It is just boom, boom, boom all the while. I like music but that is a bit much.'

John Davies, Broads Authority information office at the Whitlingham Broad visitor centre, said their rangers had a look around the broad after complaints.

Sgt Andrew Terry, of Norfolk Police, confirmed they had received phone calls in the early hours of the morning from upset residents.

He said they went to an area in Trowse where they spoke to a group of people but they had not deemed it a rave. He said it had gone quiet, but when the complaints started again in the afternoon, they had gone to speak with them again.