Phone donations will help victims of domestic abuse in Norwich and Norfolk

A Norwich-based communications company has pledged to help victims of domestic violence by providing 25 mobile phones which will be given to those in most need.

The phones, which are being donated by King Street-based firm Comm-Tech, will be used by police to give to victims of domestic abuse who are deemed most at risk by the force.

The phones, which are used solely for 999 calls, can be enabled to give the control room operator specific details about the caller so they know who and what they are dealing with and therefore can provide a swift police response.

Det Insp Ross McDermott, Norfolk Constabulary's lead for domestic abuse, said he was very grateful to the company for donating the phones.

He said: 'It's always great to have an organisation coming forward and saying they're willing to help.'

Det Insp McDermott said the phones, which are yet to be collected, would be prioritised to those most in need and after risk assessments of victims had been carried out by officers.

He said the phones could prove a discreet and valuable asset to victims in their hour of need and added that the phones were primarily about personal safety rather than taking people to court.

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He said: 'It's not to secure convictions or prosecutions – it's about keeping people safe.'

The donation of the phones to Norfolk police comes hot on the heels of The Norfolk Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Board's week-long Norfolk Says No initiative, which ran last month to raise awareness about the issue of domestic violence.

Det Insp McDermott said one of the biggest messages to get across was how important it was to report any incident of domestic abuse to the police.

The Evening News's Don't Suffer in Silence campaign has tried to help highlight the problem of domestic abuse and what is being done to combat it.

To report domestic abuse to Norfolk police call 999 in an emergency or 101.

Have you got a story about domestic abuse? Call reporter Peter Walsh on 01603 772436.