Petrol poured through letterbox in Norwich

A family woke to find petrol had been poured through their letterbox in Cadge Close, Norwich. Pictur

A family woke to find petrol had been poured through their letterbox in Cadge Close, Norwich. Picture: Archant - Credit: Archant

A community has responded with “fear and anger” after petrol was poured through the letterbox of a Norwich house while the occupants were asleep upstairs.

Norfolk Police were called to Cadge Close on Sunday, June 28, after reports of criminal damage.

The affected family, who wished to remain anonymous, called the police immediately after finding the carpet by the door doused in petrol.

They said they could smell the petrol as they woke up but had assumed it was from a fire due to having their windows open.

The resident said: “We were asleep and woke up at 5am for work.

“It was just inside the door, it [the carpet] was black and it was doused in petrol. We called the police straight away and they were here straight away.

“It’s a quiet close, there’s never any trouble down here.”

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The petrol was not lit but officers said the incident could have had “tragic consequences” as they called for witnesses to come forward.

Det Con Phil Paddon, from Earlham Police Station, said: “We are currently investigating this incident, which thankfully didn’t result in a fire at the location. If the petrol had been ignited, either intentionally or accidentally, those inside would have been in serious danger and this could have had tragic consequences.

“The actions of these responsible have caused fear and anger among the local residents.

“Norfolk Constabulary are committed to keeping local communities safe and will do everything possible to identify and prosecute those who commit such reckless acts.”

Anyone with information should contact Norfolk Police on 101 quoting crime reference 36/42791/20. Alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or via their online form