Pavement cyclists among the 77 given police cautions in Norwich

Seventy-seven cyclists in north Norwich have been cautioned by police in the last month for various offences including riding on the pavement, flouting traffic signals and cycling without lights.

The action comes after police stepped up patrols after inconsiderate cycling was made a priority for the safer neighbourhood team.

It follows complaints from residents over several near-miss incidents where pedestrians have almost been knocked over by passing cyclists riding on the pavement and incidents where cyclists have run red lights at junctions.

Police will now be issuing �30 on-the-spot fines to anyone found committing offences.

Norwich North beat manager PC Daren Taylor said: 'We have carried out high-visibility patrols in order to educate and increase awareness among cyclists about the dangers of riding on pavements and now persistent offenders can expect to get a ticket.'