Norwich woman recalls frenzied knife attack by ex-boyfriend

A Norwich woman has recalled a frenzied knife attack at the hands of her ex-boyfriend in which she and two children were left for dead.

Victoria Meek said she felt lucky to be alive after the stabbings in April in which she and the youngsters, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were stabbed repeatedly by Isaac Williams.

All three victims were left fighting for their lives following the attacks by the kitchen porter, who fled the scene in the Lakenham area and was arrested three days later in Great Yarmouth.

Police investigating the incident said such was the brute force of the attacks by the 28-year-old that three knives were broken. And they praised the 23-year-old victim for her way in which she has recovered from the ordeal.

Miss Meek, said: 'We are so very lucky to be here. It's been hard, but they have recovered very well and bounced back to their normal selves. I must be a strong person because I've recovered pretty quickly, I do sometimes have flashbacks, and I still need physiotherapy on my arm, but I just try to block it out.'

She said Williams, who she first met five years ago, had become violent after learning that she was in a new relationship.

'We had split up, but he was trying to get back together with me,' she said. 'I could see the anger in his face and I walked out of the room, but he said everything was fine.

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'I asked him if he could go to the shop to get some milk. He was gone for about half an hour and I was wondering why it was taking so long. Then he pushed one of the children out of the way and came through to the kitchen and punched me to the floor and stabbed me. After the third time I couldn't remember anything else.

'I honestly thought I was dead.'

In fact Miss Meek was stabbed more than 10 times before Williams set upon the two children.

Yet despite suffering multiple serious injuries one of the youngsters managed to dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.

All three casualties were taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Miss Meek and one of the young children underwent life-saving operations. A second child was also treated for multiple knife injuries.

However all three have made a remarkable recovery from their injuries.

During police interview Williams admitted being in the property but said he had no memory of what had happened. But the victims were spared the ordeal of a courtroom trial after he admitted the offences during a hearing at Norwich Crown Court, bursting into tears in the dock as he pleaded guilty.

Speaking afterwards Miss Meek, said she hoped to make a fresh start and was thinking of training to become a child minder.

'He has finally done the decent thing and put his hands up for what he has done,' she added. 'I am so happy we will not have to go through the pain and horror of a trial and that we can finally get on with our lives.'

Det Chief Insp Jes Fry, from the Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team (MIT), said Miss Meek and the two children had shown 'great courage' in coming to terms with the ordeal.

'This was a horrendous and extremely violent attack involving an innocent woman and two young children who will be forced to live with the trauma for the rest of their lives, scarred physically and emotionally,' he said. 'It has been incredible to see the resilience shown by the children and we wish them well in their continued recovery.

'We don't expect these sorts of things to happen in Norwich and I think the officers who first turned up on the scene were really quite shocked to find the level of violence that had been used. It was incredible work by the ambulance and hospital teams that have helped them all recover to the extent they have. The youngest child really was quite ill and we were told not to expect her to survive.'

The Evening News launched its Don't Suffer in Silence campaign earlier this year to highlight the problem of domestic violence and the plight of thousands of victims and Mr Fry said it was vital victims came forward so that the police and authorities could help.

'Victoria had been subjected to violence before and had called us before when he had been hanging around, but hadn't recorded the violence. However, we would urge any victims of domestic violence to contact us and tell us so that we can provide support.'

Williams, formerly of College Road who was dressed in a blue sweat shirt held his head in his hands for much of the short hearing, speaking only to confirm his name and enter a guilty plea to three charges of attempted murder. He was remanded in custody and will be brought back to Norwich Crown Court for sentencing on September 23.

Judge Peter Jacobs, who adjourned the hearing to allow a pre-sentence report to be carried out, said the defendant had done the right thing in admitting the 'very, very grave matters'.

He said: 'May I say, you've done the sensible thing in what you've done. Obviously these are very, very grave matters indeed. Probation will come and see you and prepare a report.'

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