Norwich woman issues warning after dog attack in Mile Cross play area

A woman has issued a warning to parents and other dog owners after her pet was attacked in a children's play area.

Jeannette Gladwell, 68, of Bignold Road, Mile Cross, was walking her dog Thomas at the play area at the back of Mile Cross Primary School when he was bitten by another dog, believed to have been a Staffordshire bull terrier.

The incident left Mrs Gladwell's dog, a lhasa apso, traumatised, with one of his eyeballs hanging down his cheek.

It is now likely her dog, who she has had for nine years, will have to have both eyes removed.

Mrs Gladwell said the incident was 'petrifying'. She said: 'It was such a shock.

'For that dog to do that that quickly is just frightening. The day before, there were six boys playing football on that area: it could have been them who was attacked.

'I want people to be aware. If that dog can do that to my dog, it's frightening to think what it could do to a child.'

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Mrs Gladwell said she had seen the owner of the other dog in the play area many times before.

After the incident, which happened on Wednesday morning, Mrs Gladwell took Thomas to the vets. He had to have his damaged eye removed and the vets are monitoring his other eye. It cost Mrs Gladwell more than �500 in vet fees.

A Norfolk police spokesman confirmed Mrs Gladwell had informed the police and that the Norwich North Safer Neighbourhood Team would be looking into the incident.

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