Woman who was stabbed by killer says 'devil' did not get her

Kerryn Kray

Kerryn Kray who was stabbed in the neck by Jamie Crosbie on the day Dean Allsop was killed in Thorpe St Andrew in April 2021 - Credit: Archant

A woman stabbed in the neck by a killer said she feels "blessed" to be alive after confronting a man she believes was intent on murdering three people.

Jamie Crosbie arrested after killing Dean Allsop

Jamie Crosbie arrested after killing Dean Allsop - Credit: Norfolk Police

Jamie Crosbie, 48, was found guilty of murdering Dean Allsop, 41, in Primrose Crescent, Thorpe St Andrew, on April 14 last year.

Norwich Crown Court has heard Crosbie stabbed him 17 times after he became angry at the noise from a motorbike belonging to Mr Allsop’s son.

Dean Allsop, left, pictured with partner Louise Newell.

Dean Allsop, left, pictured with partner Louise Newell. Picture supplied by Norfolk Constabulary. - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

Crosbie was also found guilty of wounding with intent Mr Allsop's partner, Louise Newell, and neighbour Kerryn Kray.

He will be sentenced next month.

Miss Kray, 53, was alerted to the screams of Miss Newell, who was then stabbed by Crosbie, and tried to tackle him before he started on her.

Jamie Crosbie

Jamie Crosbie has been found guilty of the murder of Dean Allsop - Credit: Norfolk Constabulary

The mother-of-two, who was stabbed in the neck, said: "The devil (Crosbie) didn't get me but he had a good go at it.

"I believe he thought he had killed me.

"He could've come back but he believed he had killed me.

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"I wasn't meant to live and nor was Louise but we survived him (Crosbie).

"I'm glad I was there to have made a difference.

"I believe the three of us were supposed to be murdered."

Following the stabbing Miss Kray suffered "life-changing injuries" including wounds to her neck, throat and ear and has a permanent loss of feeling to one side of her head.

After Crosbie was convicted, she said: "May every day be hell for him."

A forensics van and police car put a cordon up on Primrose Crescent.

A forensics van and police car put a cordon up on Primrose Crescent. - Credit: Peter Walsh

During the incident Miss Kray also tried to check for signs of life in Mr Allsop but sadly could see he had passed away.

Miss Kray, whose partner of more than 20 years Richard Richardson, known as "Titch", took his life in 2014, said she was glad to be with Mr Allsop in his final moments after the support he had shown to her after she lost her partner.

She said: "Dean was there when my partner took his life in 2014.

"Dean came every morning and made me a cup of tea.

"At least I could be there for him."

Emergency services were called to Primrose Crescent at about 7.35pm.

Police at Primrose Crescent after Dean Allsop had been fatally stabbed - Credit: Peter Walsh

As well as losing her partner in 2014, Miss Kray was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 and following the tragic events of April last year feels "blessed" to still be here.

Miss Kray, who relies upon her faith,  said: "It's been a horrible eight years.

"I'm a very strong person - there's not much that can phase me."