Norwich woman assaulted mother

A young Norwich woman with a drink problem who attacked her mother and threw a brick at her window when she would not give her any money has been given five months' custody.

Bobbi Squire, 20, went to her mother's address in Norwich and when she refused to give her money, Norwich Crown Court was told, she picked up a brick and smashed the window and spat in her mother's face.

Richard Paterson, prosecuting, said that despite being ordered to keep away from her mother's home she returned again and this time pushed her mother up against a wall and punched her repeatedly after confronting her in the garage. She also threw a tool box at her and broke the head off a golf club.

Mr Paterson said that Squire had again asked her mother for money and had been drinking.

He said that her mother was bruised and cut her chin in the incident.

Squire, of Bussey Road, Old Catton, admitted common assault and criminal damage. She also admitted being in breach of a community order which was imposed for being drunk and disorderly in the accident and emergency department of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, when she threw a chair and sign about in the waiting area.

Sentencing her, Judge Peter Jacobs told Squire she was making a 'total mess' of her life. 'You have a severe drink problem,' he said.

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'The sad thing is that at the end of the day you are your own worst enemy. You are making a total mess of your life.'

He also said that her behaviour at the hospital was unacceptable, especially to staff who were only trying to help her.

He imposed a five-month custodial sentence in a young offender's institution and an 18-month conditional discharge for the breach of the community order.

Jonathan Morgans, for Squire, said she was a vulnerable 20 year-old: 'She accepts her behaviour after drinking is unacceptable and she is more of a danger to herself than anyone else.'

He said that she did not plan to have any future contact with her mother and added 'clearly alcohol has a significant bad effect on her behaviour'.