City woman left 'in the cold' after alleged spiking incident

A video shows Beau Pellin asking for help and security staff appearing to walk away at the Norwich Waterfront. 

A video shows Beau Pellin and her friend asking for help in a video which appears to show security walking away at an incident at the Norwich Waterfront. - Credit: Submitted

A video showing a 21-year-old gasping for breath after being seemingly spiked at a city venue has led to criticism at how the incident was handled.    

Norwich Waterfront has said an investigation is taking place after a video showed a woman lying on the floor outside the King Street nightclub on Friday at around 11.30pm.   

The venue asked the public to “reserve judgement” until the investigation is concluded. 

Beau Pellin, 21, passed out in the venue after she was allegedly spiked and approached staff for help. 

The footage, captured by a friend outside the venue shortly after, appears to show three security guards walking away and leaving the victim on the floor.    

Miss Pellin believes she has also been left with injuries as a result of being dragged on the floor by the bouncers as they removed her.    

The city centre woman added: "They did nothing to remove the guy who we strongly believe did it and there was no bag search or any security procedure when we went in.  

Beau Pellin's kneecap after being dragged on the floor at Norwich Waterfront 

Beau Pellin's kneecap following the incident at Norwich Waterfront - Credit: Contributed

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"It is a bit of blur but I was told I was lying on the floor having fits and seizures.   

“I had only had a couple of drinks but I remember walking up to a security guard saying I did not feel well then blacked out.   

"This is happening way too often across the UK and especially Norwich."    

The 21-year-old was eventually lifted into a taxi by her friend to get home after her terrified boyfriend had called one to the scene.   

Miss Pellin's friend Tiger Woolls, 20, who filmed the video, said: "We were standing in the smoking area at the time when my friend went up to the security guards and told them she was not feeling well.   

Beau Pellin's hand after she said she was dragged along the floor by security guards 

Beau Pellin's hand after the incident - Credit: Contributed

"She then collapsed in my arms and was dragged out by her arms and legs without any measures to see if she was OK."    

The pair did not report the incident to the police, saying they believed the venue would.   

The Waterfront, which is run by the UEA’s Student Union, has confirmed police and ambulance services attended on the night.   

After the video was posted to social media hundreds of people expressed their outrage with many saying they plan to boycott the venue.

Beau Pellin's injuries after being dragged along the floor at Norwich Waterfront 

Beau Pellin's injuries after an incident at Norwich Waterfront - Credit: Contributed

A spokesman for Norwich Waterfront said its staff are trained to "act in the best interest of safety.”   

The spokesman added: "We are aware of a video being circulated of an incident on Friday night at the Waterfront which customers have been in touch with us about.   

"We want to assure all our customers that women’s safety is our top priority.  

“We are currently working with Norwich BID, the city council and other night-time venues on developing a charter for night-time safety in Norwich.   

"We are fully investigating the whole incident that occurred on Friday night and will be working with the authorities on this.   

"Our staff are trained to act in the best interest of customer safety and on the night both ambulance and police services attended at our request.

Security guards at Norwich Waterfront during the spiking incident on Friday night 

Security guards at Norwich Waterfront during the alleged spiking incident on Friday night - Credit: Contributed

"We would urge people to reserve judgment of both the venue and the venue staff based on a 36 second video of an incident that lasted 30 minutes until all the facts come to light following the investigation.  

"Until the investigation is concluded we will not be commenting further as we believe this would be unfair to both the customers concerned and our venue staff."  

A further statement will be released by the venue in due course. 

Drinkaware advice: What to do if you think you've been spiked 

Look out for symptoms 

- Lowered inhibitions  

- Loss of balance  

- Visual problems  

- Confusion  

- Vomiting 

- Unconsciousness  

How to help a friend 

- Tell a bar manager, bouncer or member of staff, and call police if the condition gets worse 

- Stay with them  

- Don’t let them leave the venue with someone you don’t trust 

- If possible, try and prevent them drinking more alcohol