Van driver caught securing bricks using 'cling film'

The bricks clingfilmed to pallets in a van cargo bed in Norwich

The bricks clingfilmed to pallets in a van cargo bed in Norwich - Credit: Norfolk Police Road Casualty Reduction Team

A driver was caught by police holding bricks onto their van bed with what was described as "cling film".

The Norfolk Road Casualty Reduction Team were dealing with another driver in Norwich when the van drove past.

The officers involved said that "a number of bricks" fell out of the van's cargo bed and landed at one of the officer's feet.

The van was pulled over by police and officers spoke to the driver.

The driver said moving reclaimed bricks was part of his employment and the bricks had been wrapped with what he described as "cling film" in an attempt to restrain them onto pallets.

The pallets were not held onto the truck in any way.

Officers dealt with the driver at the scene via the traffic reporting scheme and he was ordered to arrange secure restraint of the load before continuing his journey.

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The Norfolk Road Casualty Reduction Team urges drivers to safely secure loads when driving on the roads, telling drivers to consider the "what ifs" of using a vehicle with an insecure load.

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