Norwich shopkeeper shaken after ‘catapult’ attack on St Benedicts Street

A shopkeeper came under fire from a metal ball while closing up her business on Tuesday evening.

The missile was fired at grandmother-of-two Kay Hornsby.

It whistled above her head and smashed into the shop's front door, fracturing a glass panel at around 5.15pm.

And yesterday morning, Mrs Hornsby, who has run Skatewise on St Benedicts Street for 18 years, found eight of the silver balls near her shop.

The 58-year-old said: 'I bent forward to do the lock and I felt something whizz past my back.

'I just knew straight away that somebody had fired at me.

'My husband thinks it is from a catapult. I was very shaken.

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'I was scared because I came back in the shop and was in two minds if someone was going to try it again.'

Police were called to the skate business yesterday and are now investigating the criminal damage.

Mrs Hornsby from Long Stratton added: 'I don't see how it can be a one-off when you have eight of these balls.

'They are going to hurt somebody.'

Three police cars were also called to the street earlier in the day when an argument broke out in a block of flats.

Neighbours reported lots of screaming and shouting on the busy shopping street.

But a police spokeswoman ruled out any connection between the criminal damage and the street argument.

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