Norwich road rage man needs 25 stitches after punching out car window

A Norwich man needed 25 stitches to his arm after he punched through a car window to attack a woman in a road-rage attack, a court heard.

Robert Armes, 23, spent two days in hospital following the assault which left the female car driver covered in blood, but uninjured.

Prosecuting, Sattam Al-Mugheiry said Armes, from Sun Lane, New Catton, was a passenger in a car that had to brake sharply. The victim was driving a Honda Civic in front.

Norwich Magistrates' Court heard today that Armes was so incensed by the woman's driving that he got out of his car and walked up to it at the traffic lights in Sweet Briar Road.

He threw a takeaway at the car and then punched through the car window shattering the glass, and hitting the victim's head, Mr Al-Mugheiry said. It happened at about 9pm on March 25.

Armes had pleaded guilty to assault by beating and criminal damage, at an earlier hearing.

He was also in breach of a 18-week suspended sentence for battery and possession of an offensive weapon handed to him in October last year. He also had convictions for battery in 2009 and wounding with intent from 2006, the court heard.

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Damien Moore, for Armes, said that he lost his temper because he was worried that the woman's driving endangered the safety of a six-month old child in the car he was travelling in.

Mr Moore added: 'He was very co-operative with police and has been doing very well on a community order. He has also recently found employment.'

Chairman of the bench Wendy Manton told Armes that they would be activating the suspended sentence.

She said: 'This was a serious offence. It was at night and it was a road-rage incident.

'The victim ended up with your blood on her face, although she did not suffer any injuries, and it was a frightening experience.'

For the road-rage offence Armes was jailed for 16 weeks, which will run consecutively with the 18 weeks from the previous incident. He will also have to pay �100 compensation to the victim and �25 compensation for the damage to the car.

Armes swore at the magistrates as he left the dock and pledged not to pay the compensation to the victim.