Norwich mum falls victim to domestic violence

A 10-year-old has been left unable to sleep after she saw her mum fall victim to domestic violence, a court heard.

Norwich magistrates heard how Phillip Eyley, 34, of Sienna Mews, off Plumstead Road, Norwich, grappled with his former partner, leaving her with bruises.

The couple had split up, but were still living with each other at the time, Norwich Magistrates' Court heard.

Eyley had returned to the house to discover the bed in the room where he was sleeping had been removed. A row then erupted and was witnessed by his ex-girlfriend's 10-year-old daughter.

Eyley pleaded guilty to assault and was given a 12 month conditional discharge. He was also ordered to pay �100 compensation and �80 court costs.

Mark Davis, prosecuting, said: 'The victim was left with soreness around the neck and cheeks, she had broken nails and her leg was very sore. Since the incident occurred, both the victim and her daughter have been affected by it. She says her daughter has been unable to sleep and that she too has had trouble sleeping.'

The court heard how Eyley's ex-partner bit his finger in self-defence.

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Mitigating, Gavin Cowe said: 'Mr Eyley is a man of previous good character. He came home to find that to his surprise the bed in the room he was staying in had been dismantled and disappeared.

'He accepts grappling with her.

'As far as injuries are concerned there was some bruising on her arm and he accepts that could've been caused by grappling.'

Meanwhile, John Etchels, 57, of Palmer Road, near Woodcock Road, Norwich, was given a two-year supervision order including an alcohol treatment requirement after pleading guilty to assaulting his wife.

Derek Messenger, 52, currently living in Earlham Grove Road, Earlham, was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay �180 in compensation and court costs after pleading guilty to assaulting his wife and a family friend.

As recently reported in the Evening News, Norfolk police have warned that both they and the justice system in this county have a zero tolerance approach to domestic violence.

In the 12 months up to November 11, 2010, Norfolk police recorded 3,249 domestic related crimes compared with 2,974 for the same period in 2009. For the same period (November 12 2007 – November 11 2008) Norfolk police recorded 2,853 domestic-related crimes.

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