Norwich man tasered by police

A drunken man armed with a knife had to be overcome with a tasers after he was involved in a stand-off with police officers at a Norwich house,

Harry Stevens, 34, became upset after drinking at the home of his former partner in Drayton Road in Norwich.

Police were called and Malcolm Robins, prosecuting at Norwich Crown Court, said that Stevens was seen carrying a knife with three further knives in his waistband and told officers he was taking the house as 'hostage'.

Mr Robins said that he threatened to stab himself and also said that he would stab the first police officers that came near him.

Armed officers were deployed and Mr Robins said that after a long stand-off, officers then forced their way into the house and had to overcome Stevens using two tasers.

Stevens of Rye Avenue, Mile Cross, Norwich admitted affray. on November 20, last year.

The court heard that Stevens had mental health problems at the time of the offence and was also drunk.

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He was given an 18-month community order with supervision and placed on a two-year restraining order to keep away from his former partner.

Charles Langley, for Stevens said that he had a history of mental health problems and had in the past been admitted to hospital for his difficulties.