Norwich man jailed for indecent behaviour in police cell

A man has been jailed for committing a fourth offence of indecent behaviour in a year.

Jak Masters, 23, from Angel Road, north Norwich, pleaded guilty to indecent behaviour, when he appeared before Norwich magistrates yesterday.

He also admitted disorderly behaviour while drunk in St Benedicts Street, Norwich, both on Wednesday, January 11.

The court heard that Masters drank a bottle of vodka in St Benedicts Street and was banging on shop windows in the street.

He was arrested and taken to Wymondham police investigation centre where he committed an indecent act in a cell, just after 4pm.

The court heard Masters could be seen by women police officers committing the act on a TV monitor.

Ian Fisher, for Masters, who is unemployed, said: 'He bought a bottle of vodka and cannot remember what happened in St Benedicts Street. What he did in the cell was only visible to police officers on a TV monitor in a private part of the custody area.

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'He lives with his mother and described his actions as a result of the misuse of alcohol. He has already spent a night in custody.'

The court heard that Masters was before the court for the fourth time for an offence of indecent behaviour in just one year, and had been given a community order for exposure last year. Magistrates told him the indecent behaviour offence crossed the custody threshold and he was jailed for 20 days, but no separate penalty was given for the disorderly while drunk charge.