Norwich man jailed after assaulting partner twice on same day

A Norwich man who assaulted his partner twice on the same day was jailed for 12 weeks by city magistrates who called it 'absolutely unacceptable behaviour'.

Damien Donnelly, 48, from Sussex Street, off St Augustine's, pleaded guilty to two charges of common assault and one of resisting a constable in the execution of his duty, all on April 14, when he appeared in court yesterday .

The court heard that Donnelly had only been released from jail on April 1 after being given 15 weeks for similar offences against the same woman in February.

Phil Charnley, prosecuting, said Donnelly's partner had been able to visit her children and grandchildren and get her teeth fixed – Donnelly had kicked her in the teeth – while he was in prison.

Mr Charnley said: 'For the first 13 days after his release he was all right, she said, but on April 14 he beat her up after he accused her of flirting with somebody who was visiting. He punched her in the head about 10 times. Later, she went to visit a friend and when he arrived he tried to strangle her, and told her 'I've got a grave ready for you'. As the defendant left he told her he was going to finish her off and headbutted her nose. She had also been bitten on her index finger.'

For Donnelly, Dave Foulkes said: 'He has got a problem with drink. He acknowledges that the relationship will have to end.'

Chairman of the bench Malcolm Bird told Donnelly: 'You know this is unacceptable behaviour, and your offences are so serious that custody is inevitable.'

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Another Norwich man, Edward Hashim, 44, from Northumberland Street, off Dereham Road, also appeared before the court to admit assaulting his partner.

Mr Charnley, prosecuting, said the partner accused Hashim of slapping her across the face and then striking her face. For Hashim, Gavin Cowe said his client entered the plea on the basis that there was no slap and said he caught her on the lip when he reached up with his hand to push her away. He said Hashim was originally from Bermuda where he had been a military policeman. Hashim was handed a 12-month conditional discharge, ordered to pay his partner �100 compensation and costs of �85.

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