Norwich man in court for hitting partner in drunken row


A Norwich man who hit his partner in the face during a drunken row causing a bone fracture has been given a suspended jail term by a judge after the court heard he is taking steps to tackle his drink problem.

James Ferrie, 51, was in a volatile relationship with his partner and was a heavy drinker, and he hit her in the face during an argument causing a fracture around her eye socket, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Nicholas Methold, prosecuting, said that the victim did not want the case to come to court and had refused to cooperate with the prosecution.

However, Ferrie of William Kett Close, Norwich, admitted causing his partner grievous bodily harm on September 11, last year.

The court heard that the couple were known to the police for their arguments and were often seen about Norwich in a drunken state and arguing.

After hearing that Ferrie was now getting help for his problem and had not drunk for six weeks, Judge Patrick Moloney imposed a 12-month jail sentence suspended for a year and ordered him to do 120 hours unpaid work and imposed a 12-month supervision order.

He told Ferrie that domestic violence was a 'terrible crime' but accepted he was now getting help. He said :'I'm giving you a chance .'

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Judge Moloney said that Ferrie had made remarkable progress in tackling his drink problem and said: 'Prison might do you more harm than good.'

Michael Clare, for Ferrie, said Ferrie's father had recently died and he was now at a crossroads in his life and wanting to change and had not drunk for six weeks.

The Evening News has been urging victims of domestic violence to report cases as part of its Don't Suffer In Silence campaign.