Norwich man in court after Canaries v Ipswich derby

A man who was abusive to match stewards after being thrown out of Carrow Road during the derby game between the Canaries and Ipswich Town on November 28 escaped court without a fine yesterday.

Sam Burgess, 18, appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court and pleaded guilty to acting in an antisocial manner, being abusive to stewards and failing to give his name and address to police officers.

Robert Barnwell, prosecuting, said that Burgess had argued with stewards at 1.30pm before the game and been thrown out of the stadium.

The stewards said that he did not have a ticket, but Burgess claimed that he did.

Police officers outside the stadium attempted to hand him a written order forcing him to leave the area but he refused to give his name or address.

Burgess, of Coleburn Road in Lakenham, Norwich, represented himself in court.

He said: 'One of the reasons why I got a bit abusive is they said I didn't have a ticket to enter the game, and I did.

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'I did have a lot to drink that day so that's probably one of the reasons I refused. It was stupid really,' he said.

Chairman of the magistrates Lynsey Brunt gave Burgess a conditional discharge for 12 months.

An application by the prosecution for �80 in costs was turned down because Burgess is out of work and has no income.