Norwich man given prison warning over restraining order

A man who sent a Valentine's card to a woman he was having an affair with months after the relationship was ended has been warned he could go to prison if he breaches a restraining order.

Jason Drane, 38, pleaded guilty to one charge of harassment without violence between February 7 and February 11 this year when he appeared at Norwich Magistrates Court.

Rupert Myers, prosecuting, said Drane, a salesman from Hudson Way, off Harpsfield, Chapel Break, was married for many years but had an affair with the complainant which lasted for 17 months before she ended the relationship just before Christmas last year.

Mr Myers said: 'She told the defendant she didn't want to see him any more and just wanted to be friends with him. He didn't accept that the relationship was over.'

The court heard that Drane had 'bombarded' her with e-mails, phone calls and turned up at her children's school which prompted her to call police resulting in Drane being warned not to contact her.

The warning was not heeded and on January 27 this year Drane appeared in court where he was found guilty of harassment and given a conditional discharge.

But February 8 the woman received a Valentine's Day card, with two bunnies on the front, from the defendant.

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Mr Myers said the card included a handwritten message from Drane part of which read 'all I ever wanted to do was make you happy'.

Drane also then sent an email to the woman on February 11, which she received on February 12, called 'Don't call the police all I want to do is apologise'.

Mr Myers said: 'In total you have a man who, despite repeated warnings, who refuses to accept the bindingly obvious – that any kind of contact is not only stupid but illegal.'

Dave Foulkes, mitigating, said that Drane had 'made a complete mess of things', has separated from his wife and now has to accept this relationship has come to an end too.

He said: 'It would seem he's not been able to deal with things in an appropriate manner, didn't realise the consequences of what he was doing. He accepts he was wrong.'

Drane was given a 12 month conditional discharge which will run alongside the existing conditional discharge he was sentenced to in January at another court.

He was also made the subject of an open-ended restraining order prohibiting him from having any contact whatsoever with the victim or her children and not to go into Rowan Way, Worlingham, Suffolk.

Drane was also ordered to pay �300 costs.