Norwich man breached restraining order for a second time

A Norwich man who attempted to see his son has appeared in court charged with breaching a restraining order for a second time.

Jason Eastman, 31, of Deloney Road, Heartsease, admitted the offence when he appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court yesterday.

Lisa Britton, prosecuting, said Eastman had been convicted for criminal damage and battery in November and sentenced in December, when a restraining order was imposed stopping him entering the street in Norwich where his partner, the mother of his young son, lives.

In February he appeared in court after breaching the order and sentenced to 12 months custody suspended for 12 months.

Miss Britton said a second breach happened on May 30 where he again went to the home of his partner. She said: 'At first he knocked and started calling her son through the door and started shouting 'come on, let me in before he goes to bed'.'

She said Eastman kicked the door after being ignored and shouted insults before picking up stones and throwing them at the windows.

Michael Cole, mitigating, said Eastman had been contacted by his partner to say she had a court letter stating the order had lapsed and there was 'no reason why he could not come round'.

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Mr Cole said Eastman had been 'sceptical' at first but following further communication 'in the end gave in'.

The case was adjourned until June 7, when a hearing to resolve the conflicting factual issues, will be fixed. Eastman was granted conditional bail.