Cars offered to woman with incurable cancer after her motor is stolen

Alice, Saul and Reuben Whittaker have had an overwhelming of local people try to help them

Alice, Saul and Reuben Whittaker have been overwhelmed by offers of support from people in Norwich - Credit: Andy Davison Photography/Laura Coulton

When the Fine City heard a woman with incurable cancer had her car stolen from her drive, Norwich got to work.  

Alice Whittaker, 31 who grew up in Norwich and now lives in Loddon, noticed her motor had been nabbed from Oak Lane on Tuesday morning.  

The family had planned to go to the Chelsea Flower Show this weekend as the trip was on Alice’s bucket list.  

And upon reading her plight in the Evening News, city folk spring into action to help the family on their way.

This includes Laura Coulton, 31, from Wymondham.  

Laura Coulton, 31 offered the family her car so that they were still able to complete Alice's bucket list trip. 

Laura Coulton, 31, offered the family her car so that they were still able to complete Alice's bucket list trip. - Credit: Laura Coulton

Laura is a massage therapist, a student and a woman's refuge volunteer, as well as a security guard at Norwich Arts Centre.  

And although she had never met Alice, her husband Saul or their 11-month-old son Reuben, Laura said her heart went out to them.

She said: “There is enough hate out there and I truly believe we can change a lot if we support each other, so I try to do my bit.  

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“I offered the Whittakers my car. I just don’t want them to miss out.

“It goes to show you never truly know what you are taking from someone - as the person who took their car did. It is more than just a car.” 

Alice said: "We've had lots of messages of support but also some random acts of kindness from people we don't even know.

"People have offered their own cars, lifts and prams and car seats.

"They've offered to take time out of their days and drive us themselves - we can't thank everyone enough.

"We still haven't got our car or possessions but we are remaining positive that they can still turn up."

Laura has a ten-year-old son and is also pregnant with a daughter.  

Laura said: “I wanted Alice's family to be able to have these memories with her."

Laura said that the family are exploring a few options but her car is on standby should they need it to carry out this bucket list adventure.  

She said: “I hope Alice has the best weekend, enjoys the time with her family and enjoys the Chelsea Flower Show.”