Norwich jewellery shop owner praises brave public

The 74-year-old owner of a Norwich jewellery store raided by teenage thieves has thanked brave members of the public who caught them.

Harry Hemstock was about to lock up W R Bullen at London Street in Norwich on Thursday last week when two boys drove up on a scooter, smashed windows and ran off with a gold necklace.

'I walked towards the door and this figure in black came rushing towards the window,' he said.

'The minute the glass went I knew what was going on. I just opened the door and grabbed his arm and he shook me off and went running down Swan Lane with me chasing after him.

'Thankfully some people at the end saw him coming and brought him down. When I saw the way he put a fight up I thought 'God, if I'd caught him...', it took four people to hold him down.'

Several passers-by chased each burglar and they were caught within a few hundred yards of the shop. Builders, store workers and a schoolboy all joined in the chase and police arrived to arrest both.

One of the thieves had dropped the �5,500 gold necklace he had stolen, which was brought back to the shop by an honest member of the public.

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Hours of work have been carried out to replace the glass and restore the window display, and Mr Hemstock said that he and his family were keen to get back to business as usual.

But he was keen to thank all those who helped on that day.

'All sorts of people helped. It was incredible,' he said.

'I would like to register my grateful thanks to all those members of the public who gave chase and apprehended the two would-be thieves.

'As I was chasing after the first thief, I was unaware of what was unfolding elsewhere and was amazed and most grateful when I heard that so many people joined in the chase and prevented both men from escaping until the police arrived.'

Sulaima Kamara and Ahmed Ahmed, both 18 and from London, admitted burglary at Norwich Magistrates' Court and are due to be sentenced.

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