Long-lost friend steps in to replace 'overwhelmed' family's stolen trailer

The all-terrain trailer went everywhere with Kea Nurse and her family 

The all-terrain trailer went everywhere with Kea Nurse and her family - Credit: Kea Nurse

A family left heartbroken after their bike trailer was stolen have been overwhelmed by an out-of-the-blue act of kindness from an estranged friend.

The trailer - which can also be used as an all-terrain buggy - was stolen from outside Kea Nurse's home near Bowthorpe Road in West Earlham, NR5, overnight on June 6.

It is the sole mode of transport for 34-year-old stay-at-home mum Kea's young family - consisting of daughter Emily, three, and dog Sophia, five.

Kea Nurse, 34 with her three-year-old daughter Emily and dog Sophia, five

Kea Nurse, 34 with her three-year-old daughter Emily and dog Sophia, five - Credit: Kea Nurse

Sharing the Evening News article to her Facebook profile, Kea was DM'd by City of Norwich school friend David Tavenor, who she hasn't seen since 2005.

He offered Kea the kindest gesture - buying her an identical brand new trailer.

"I don't like accepting unnecessary help from people.

"But this is something else, I'm blown away by his kindness.

"He very kindly completely ignored my objections. I gave in and said I'd make a deal and pay him back in instalments but he refused.

Three-year-old Emily is "heartbroken" after her beloved bike trailer was stolen in NR5

Three-year-old Emily was "heartbroken" after her the bike trailer she loves riding in was stolen - Credit: Kea Nurse

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"He said instead: 'What you can do is something kind for two people'. I nearly started crying.

"Emmy's face lit up when I told her. She started dancing any screaming: 'Yay!'

"It's been so emotional.

"We're so excited, we cannot wait."

David's act of kindness will mean that the family can have a fun-filled summer and make memories to replace those tarnished by the initial theft.

And when Emily's dad Alex Dancila, who works away, comes back to Norwich he also can take daughter Emily to Dadvengers - a socialising scheme founded in 2019 by father-of-two and CBeebies presenter Nigel Clarke.

Members of the Norwich Dadvengers group during a walk in Eaton Park, Norwich

Alex Dancila and daughter Emily, three, (left) with Dadvengers founder Nigel Clarke, and other families at a Dadvengers walk in Eaton Park, Norwich - Credit: Sophie Wyllie

David, along with his young family, will soon meet with Kea's posse to gift the trailer and have an all-round fun day out.

"I'm so excited to see David again," she said.

She can't wait to continue to spread kindness around Norwich with the help of her new kit - and hopes that others do the same inspired by their story.

"Kindness doesn't have to be monetary.

Kea Nurse, 34, said she is "stuck" now she has been left without her family's main mode of transport

Kea Nurse said she was "blown away" by friend David Tavenor's kindness - Credit: Kea Nurse

"It's motivated me to keep doing the right thing for people who need it. And I won't be stopping at two," she added.