Norwich drugs den closed

A drugs den which has caused misery to people living in a block of luxury flats in Norwich has been closed.

Police in Norwich applied for the crack house closure order following complaints about anti-social behaviour and suspected illegal drug activity at a flat in Paper Mill Yard, off King Street, Norwich.

The notice was served on Wednesday and presented to magistrates at court today who granted the closure order.

As a result the tenants have been forced to leave the Blue Mill flat which has been boarded up for three months.

PC Angela Youd said: 'This is positive news for the local community and this action couldn't have been taken without their information and support.

'Over the past few months there's been numerous calls to Norfolk Police and Wherry Housing regarding anti-social behaviour and drug usage and dealing on the premises and in the underground car park and pathway leading up to it.'

Officers have carried out surveillance at the property for the past three months and executed a number of warrants, including one last month where Class A drugs were seized.

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PC Youd added: 'Calls have escalated and police worked in partnership with Wherry Housing and with residents who have been very helpful and provided information.'

Closure notices are put up at properties to give the occupants 48 hours' notice that they must attend court.

If magistrates decide there is sufficient evidence to issue a closure order no one will be allowed to enter the premises for three months.

The drugs den closure has been welcomed by neighbours. One man who did not want to be named, but who has lived in the area for three years, said: 'It's just been a nightmare - it has been very difficult - regular visits from a lot of undesirable characters. At times there's been abuse, verbal abuse which has been constant for the past two years. I've seen exchanges take place at the metal gate downstairs of money and items in clear packaging.'

Mark Jones, managing director of Wherry Housing Association, said: 'We are committed to providing safe and vibrant communities for all our residents and only repossess properties as a last resort. However, these residents had ignored all warnings and support from our team and continued to make their neighbours' lives a misery for several months, so we are left with no other option than to take steps to repossess the property'.

The action in Paper Mill Yard follows the successful closures of other crack houses in Norwich.

In the past police have used these powers to close drugs dens at Barnard's Yard, off Coslany Street, Mariners Lane, off Ber Street and Throckmorton Yard, off Magdalen Street.

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