Norwich domestic violence scheme needs your help


Bosses of a support group which was set up to help victims of domestic violence have issued a plea for unwanted items to be donated to them so they can raise funds to help abused women.

Norwich-based domestic violence support group Dawn's New Horizon has set up a stall within the Looses store in Orford Yard, Norwich, which sells items, including clothing and bric-a-brac.

All profits made from the stall sales, held every Saturday between 9am and 4.30pm, go towards helping victims of domestic violence in a number of ways - whether it be paying for meals, bus tickets, counselling or other essential needs.

Lorraine Saunders, manager of the support group, said she wanted as many people as possible to donate their unwanted items so they could continue to help sufferers of domestic abuse.

She said: 'The stall has only been running a few weeks and we need to let people know we're doing this. We collect people's unwanted items in Norwich and Norfolk, then we recycle them on the stall selling them at very cheap prices.

'We have to pay �35 a week rent and anything after that is a profit. We can collect items seven days a week - Looses have also said that anyone can drop anything there seven days a week and although we only work Saturday's they will put it upstairs for us.'

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She is also looking for victims of domestic abuse to volunteer their time to help on the stall as part of a bid to improve their self-confidence.

She added: 'We're looking to encourage people who have been victims of domestic violence to be volunteers. They can't get back into society because they've got no self-esteem so we're trying to push them to do two or three hours to get them to meet people again and build their confidence back up.'

There are 10 volunteers who work on the Dawn's New Horizon helpline offering advice support and contact details on a number of different issues surrounding domestic violence including homelessness, benefit information, victim support helplines for violent men, how to leave safely plans, lone parent groups, pregnancy and abortion, male and female rape solicitors' details and women's aid.

The Evening News's Don't Suffer in Silence Campaign aims to highlight the problem of domestic violence and the plight of thousands of victims.

The campaign has already focused on the role that police and support groups play in combating abuse.

To find out more about donating unwanted items or volunteering call Dawn's New Horizon on 0844 884 3140 or email

Do you have a story to tell after escaping an abusive partner? Call reporter Ben Kendall on 01603 772423 or email