Norwich clubber stabbed in chest with a key, court told

A Norwich nightclubber was stabbed several times in the chest with a key during a scuffle, a court heard.

Edward Dagniho, 37, from Union Street, near Chapel Field Road, Norwich, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to causing actual bodily harm at Pulse nightclub in Prince of Wales Road on December 21 last year.

Norwich Crown Court was yesterday shown CCTV footage of the scuffle, which started when the defendant was approached by another man.

Prosecutor, Robert Warner said: 'This other man went over to confront Dagniho and was goading him and calling for him to go outside for a fight. He also called him an abusive name.

'This man threw a punch and a scuffle began. Dagniho had something in his right hand, which turned out to be a key.

'The other man suffered injuries including two puncture wounds to the chest and a grazed thigh. One of the chest wounds was superficial but it's not clear how deep the second one was. The victim's breastbone prevented it from being any more serious,

'Police were called to the scene and Dagniho was arrested.'

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Mr Warner said that the defendant told police in interview that the other man was known to him, pushed him in the chest and spat in his face.

'He also told police that the man threatened to stab him. He was then struck in the face and was concerned that he had a knife,' he added.

Judge Peter Jacobs told the court that he did not intend to immediately jail Dagniho, despite his record of having committed two previous assaults.

Matthew MacNiff, for Dagniho, agreed that the judge's decision was the best way forward, and did not offer any mitigation.

The judge added that he was giving Dagniho a 'final warning'. He was jailed for six months suspended for two years. He was also curfewed for two months between 8pm and 6am.